Denture Relines

At Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, we understand the importance of well-fitting dentures for your comfort and oral health. Our denture reline services are designed to ensure your dentures fit perfectly and function optimally.

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The Need for Denture Relines

Over time, your gums and jawbone may change shape, leading to a less secure fit for your dentures. Relining is a necessary step to adjust the fit and ensure continued comfort and functionality.

Denture Relines

What are Denture Relines?

Denture relines involve resurfacing the side of your dentures that comes in contact with your gums. This process helps to realign the dentures to the current contour of your gums for a better fit.

Denture Relines

The Denture Reline Process

Our denture reline process is straightforward and efficient, typically completed within the same day. It includes taking an impression of your mouth for accurate adjustments.

Denture Relines

Types of Denture Relines

  • Soft Relines: Ideal for sensitive gums, offering a cushioned, comfortable fit.
  • Hard Relines: More durable, suitable for long-term adjustments.
Denture Relines

When to Consider a Denture Reline

It's recommended to consider a reline if you experience discomfort, difficulty chewing, or if the dentures feel loose.