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Fixed Dentistry: A Prosthodontist Explains Why You Might Need a Dental Bridge

If you are looking for a lasting solution after losing a tooth, the prosthodontist might recommend a fixed dentistry procedure such as dental bridges. If the tooth is lost or so severely broken that it cannot be repaired with a crown, a dental bridge can help restore the appearance and functions of the smile. Continue reading to know more about a dental bridge and why you might need one.

Oral Cancer Prosthesis for Restoring Oral Function

An oral cancer prosthesis is one way prosthodontists can help patients recover from oral cancer treatment. One of the difficult things about oral cancer is the damage it can do to the mouth. After treatment, patients will often need help restoring their smile and oral function. A prosthodontist can offer a patient an oral cancer prosthesis to replace structures of the mouth lost to surgery or other oral cancer treatments.

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