About Dr. Eva Boldridge

Meet Dr. Eva Boldridge, Houston's renowned prosthodontist. With her extensive experience and specialization in prosthodontics, Dr. Boldridge is passionate about crafting beautiful and functional smiles through advanced dental techniques.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our philosophy centers on personalized, specialized treatment plans. Embracing Digital Dentistry, we ensure every procedure is guided by precision, quality, and the latest advancements in dental care.

Our Commitment to Patient Care

We understand the importance of a comfortable dental experience. Our practice is designed to welcome and reassure you, ensuring every visit is stress-free. For common queries, visit our FAQ page.

Our Practice History

With a longstanding presence in Houston’s dental community, Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA is proud of its history to the contribution of dental health in the Houston Area.Dr. Boldridge's initial practice was located in the Energy Corridor area. After 14 years in the Energy Corridor, Dr. Boldridge moved her practice to the Galleria area of Houston. Dr. Boldridge has contributed to leadership within the Houston Dental Community as well as invested in community service to those in need in the Houston area.