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Reduce Sports Injuries With Mouth Guards Houston, TX

Playing on a sports team is a staple of many people’s lives. No matter what sport you play, you will benefit from wearing the proper protective gear. These include shin guards, shoulder pads, helmets, cleats, and mouthguards. However, many people overlook the importance of a mouth guard. For many athletes, mouth guards can be what saves their teeth.

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Risks of Store-Bought Mouth Guards

Many people will invest in storebought mouth guards without realizing the risks. Store bought mouth guards are not custom-fitted, meaning they may increase the wearer’s risk of damaging their teeth. In contrast, a professional mouth guard is made especially for the wearer’s mouth, reducing the chances of it falling out during a game.

Several reasons why a professional mouth guard will be much better than a store-bought brand over the counter include:

  • Less of a chance for the mouth guard falling out on a regular basis
  • The mouth guard will be a comfortable fit for the child
  • Better and more efficient protection for the teeth
  • Made with a more durable yet still completely harmless material

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The Mouth Guard Process

Getting fitted for a mouth guard is quick and easy. It generally does not take more than two appointments. The first appointment entails taking a mold of the patient’s mouth and taking any necessary images. Next, we will send the measurements and mold to a dental lab, where the lab will be custom-made. Patients will then return to our office once the mouth guard has been created. We will ensure the fit and make any necessary adjustments. After the appointment, the wearer will be adequately protected to keep their safe during physical activities.

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Definition of Family Dental Terminology
Custom Impression
Custom impression involves using trays to create an exact replica of the patient’s teeth before creating the necessary restoration to enhance the overall experience.
A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.
Injection-Molded Mouthguards
Injection-Molded Mouthguards help to create a much more specific fit with a type of molding material that fills available space instead of requiring a patient to boil the mouthguard in hot water.
Laminated Pressure-Formed Mouthguards
Laminated pressure-formed mouthguards requires a process that involves applying high heat and pressure to form a mouthguard that meets the needs of the patient.
Mandible Fracture
A mandible fracture is a fracture in the lower jaw that breaks through the mandibular bone and is normally a result of trauma.
Oral Trauma
Oral trauma is any form of trauma or force that results in an injury of the mouth or teeth. Oral trauma can occur after an accident, injury or disease.
Occlusion describes the mandibular and maxillary rows of teeth meeting when the patient bites down. If a patient does not have a healthy bite, they are struggling with malocclusion.
An overjet is a bite orientation that results from the maxillary central incisors (top center teeth) protruding over the mandibular central incisors (bottom front teeth); this may also be known as “buck teeth” by patients.
Storage Modulus
The storage modulus is the temperature at which we can store certain elastic materials in dental composite resins.
Vacuum Formed Mouthguard
A vacuum formed mouthguard involves customizing the mouthguard to match a mold of the individual patient’s teeth for a perfect fit.

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