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At Eva Boldridge DMD PA, we can provide you with mouth guards that protect the teeth. You only get one set of permanent teeth, making it critical to take the steps necessary to preserve them. When your teeth are free of decay or infection, they will be stronger and less likely to become damaged in an accident. To keep them healthy and strong, we suggest visiting our Houston, TX dental office twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning. You can schedule an appointment by calling (281) 779-4022.

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    Extra Protection for Your Teeth

    Keep in mind that while healthy teeth are less likely to become damaged, they still can be and this is where a mouth guard can be helpful. There are several types of mouth guards that you can wear to protect yourself from a sports-related dental injury. While you can buy a one-size-fits-all solution at the drugstore, there is always a risk that it will become loose and slip out of place when you need it most. You can also purchase a kit that requires you to boil the guard and then fit it to your teeth. This too, can be amateurish in how well it fits, simply because it was not professionally created. We recommend you visit us so that can take measurements and make an impression of your mouth. This way, a mouth guard can be created in the lab to the exact specifications of your teeth. At Eva Boldridge DMD PA, we are confident that when you wear one of our guards, your teeth will be protected from the majority of dental injuries that occur when playing sports.

    What do mouth guards look like?

    It is common for our Houston patients to be interested in mouth guards without being sure of whether or not they will be comfortable with the appearance of one. This is perfectly natural since most people do not want to stand out as the one wearing too much protective gear. Fortunately, our mouth guards are created using clear plastic so they blend into the background. If you put it in when no one is looking, it is unlikely that anyone will notice your guard during practice or the game. This is another advantage of visiting our Houston dental office for your guard. The ones sold at the store are often brightly colored and, since they do not fit perfectly, can come loose during play, making them stand out even more. However, if you would prefer a bright colored mouth guard, then we can discuss creating one in the right size.

    Why do people wear mouth guards?

    Mouth guards are primarily necessary when practicing or playing sports. Most people do not realize how common it is to sustain a face or mouth injury while playing a game. Certain sports are notorious for requiring players to wear guards, while others are not. For example, football players must wear mouth guards while basketball players do not. As a result, basketball players have a high rate of injury. According to the American Dental Association, the risk of sustaining an injury is 1.6 to 1.9 times higher when not wearing a mouth guard. Dental mouth guards are so effective that the ADA estimates they prevent 200,000 injuries every year.

    What is the risk of not wearing a mouth guard?

    At Eva Boldridge DMD PA, we encourage all of our athlete patients to wear a mouth guard. Otherwise, you may be at increased risk of a tooth breaking, cracking, chipping, or even getting knocked out. If the impact is particularly strong, teeth may even be forced upwards into the gums or pierce through the ceeks or lips — all of which can be incredibly uncomfortable and lead to a dental emergency.

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    Is there a reason to have one created by a dentist?

    Once you have made the decision to protect yourself, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with our Houston, TX dental office. We can examine you, take measurements, make an impression and have your custom mouth guard created. As a result, you will have a device that has been made to your exact specifications so that it will remain in place no matter how fast you run, how high you jump or how hard you hit the ball. Playing sports can be rough and requires all of your energy. You need a mouth guard that can stand up to those demands. When you visit our dental office, that is exactly what you will get.

    Are they affordable?

    Yes, when you visit our office for mouth guards, we can create one that fits perfectly and is affordable for your family. While you will pay more than what you would pay for an off-the-shelf guard, you will be getting better quality and a better fit at the same time. The difference is certainly worth it when it comes to protecting your teeth and saving money down the road.

    How do you clean mouth guards?

    We recommend taking them out and rinsing them immediately after you are done wearing them. You should keep your guard in a safe case, and then when you are home, brush it with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. This is the best way to ensure plaque does not build up on it. You typically should not use toothpaste since paste can be abrasive. If you would prefer a special cleaning solution, let us know, and we will make a recommendation as to what is available on the market at that time.

    Start protecting yourself and your children today by having your custom mouth guards created. Call 281-779-4022 to schedule an appointment with our dental office.

    Definition of Family Dental Terminology
    Custom Impression
    Custom impression involves using trays to create an exact replica of the patient’s teeth before creating the necessary restoration to enhance the overall experience.
    A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.
    Injection-Molded Mouthguards
    Injection-Molded Mouthguards help to create a much more specific fit with a type of molding material that fills available space instead of requiring a patient to boil the mouthguard in hot water.
    Laminated Pressure-Formed Mouthguards
    Laminated pressure-formed mouthguards requires a process that involves applying high heat and pressure to form a mouthguard that meets the needs of the patient.
    Mandible Fracture
    A mandible fracture is a fracture in the lower jaw that breaks through the mandibular bone and is normally a result of trauma.
    Oral Trauma
    Oral trauma is any form of trauma or force that results in an injury of the mouth or teeth. Oral trauma can occur after an accident, injury or disease.
    Occlusion describes the mandibular and maxillary rows of teeth meeting when the patient bites down. If a patient does not have a healthy bite, they are struggling with malocclusion.
    An overjet is a bite orientation that results from the maxillary central incisors (top center teeth) protruding over the mandibular central incisors (bottom front teeth); this may also be known as “buck teeth” by patients.
    Storage Modulus
    The storage modulus is the temperature at which we can store certain elastic materials in dental composite resins.
    Vacuum Formed Mouthguard
    A vacuum formed mouthguard involves customizing the mouthguard to match a mold of the individual patient’s teeth for a perfect fit.

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