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The Bellus3D facial scanning revolutionizes the way reconstruction, smile makeovers, and prosthetics are made. Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, is skilled in this new technology and uses it to change patients’ lives. This is just one of the many digital dentistry tools we offer to bring patients the best results.

Since the teeth, jaw, and face are all connected, we use the latest technology to make each patient a plan that takes this into account and provides a reliable glimpse of the results they can expect. To learn more about Bellus3D Facial technology or to make an appointment, call (281) 779-4022.

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    What is Bellus3D?

    Bellus3D facial scanning software allows doctors and dentists to get an accurate and life-like 3D scan of the face. With Bellus3D, dentists have an advanced tool to use for any reconstructive or cosmetic work the patient needs. Bellus3D Dental Pro gives an easy-to-use tool to dentists of all types for a quick and accurate scan they can use as an integral part of the treatment planning process. They can collaborate with other professionals on a patient’s work plan and integrate with 3Shape® and other popular dental platforms for a more accurate design of the work.

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    Why Dentists Need a 3D Scan of a Patient’s Face

    3D scans allow us to better understand the details and intricacies of a patient’s mouth and how it relates to the rest of their face. This equipment provides enhanced imaging and details to help us with planning smile makeovers, restorative procedures, maxillofacial prosthodontic procedures, and much more.

    These imaging systems are especially favorable for patients with craniofacial syndromes and facial abnormalities such as cleft palate.

    Benefits of Bellus3D

    Accuracy and greater detail are two of the leading benefits with Bellus3D. Other benefits include the fact that the process is non-invasive and efficient. With Bellus3D, the scanning can be done in 10 seconds. Patients are more excited about the work when they can see a more accurate prediction of the results. As opposed to traditional methods, which contain more guesswork as to the final results.

    The use of Bellus3D scans improves communication between dentist and patient by allowing the patient and the dentist to see the accurate image in front of them while the dentist discusses the patient’s options for treatment. The patient feels more like a partner in the planning process. Labs benefit from Bellus3D images because the images reduce or eliminate the need to retake them. Bellus3D has partnered with 3Shape, making these two technologies easier to use together.

    Our practice uses both these technologies to improve accuracy in planning, communicating with our patients, and most importantly, giving them the results they expect and will enjoy.

    What is the Typical Process of a Bellus3D Facial Scan

    The first step is to scan the patient’s head using the latest iPad Pro or iPhone. Each has a camera powerful enough to produce these 3D images in seconds. This process can take 10-30 seconds, depending on what is needed to be scanned. Then the patient’s part is done. Depending on where we are in the process, we may upload images to CAD/CAM software. Then images from other scans can be combined with the 3D scan for treatment planning purposes. With these combined images, we can create a truly accurate depiction of the patient's face and project the changes to achieve with the treatment.

    Following The Scan

    Following the initial scan, we will then review the patient’s desire to alter their smile and what possible options are available for treatment. The use of 3D facial scanning enables clinicians to replicate a 3D model of a patient's face in various lip positions to facilitate full-arch dentistry. With this scan, we can implement images from other scanning software of the patient’s face for an even more accurate image.

    Case acceptance can be a nervous decision for patients to make. Now, with the equipment available to show a more realistic look into the future, patients know they are working with someone they can count on. We can map out the process, identify key moments of the changes, and even display the expected final results of the treatment.

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    Smile makeovers, reconstructive dentistry, dentures, and full mouth rehabilitation are all procedures associated at one time by uncertainty and a big undertaking by the dentist and patient. Bellus3D Facial is yet another technology to emerge that is changing all that, and we want you to reap the benefits. To learn more about Bellus3D Facial or make an appointment, call us at (281) 779-4022.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Bellus3D app used to scan the patient’s face?

    The app is called Bellus3D Dental Pro. It requires an iPad Pro or iPhone with FaceID and a TrueDepth camera. The dentist will use this to scan the patient’s face in relation to their teeth, jaw, and head.

    How long does a Bellus3D Dental Pro face scan take?

    One of Bellus3D Dental Pro apps leading benefits is speed. The scan can be done in a fairly short time. Dentists can capture a life-like quality 3D face scan in under 10 seconds. The rest of the appointment will involve reviewing the images, and recommending possible treatment options.

    Is Bellus3D safe?

    There is no danger to the health of the patient. The worry lies in data security. However, Bellus3D makes every effort to make sure your data is secure when transmitted to their apps. Our team also makes every effort to make sure your data is secure. Unfortunately, there is no way to 100% promise security when info is being transmitted on the web.

    What is something a dentist can show a patient using a Bellus3D face scan?

    Bellus3D can digitally remove the teeth from a patient’s scan. Then apply several smiles from its Bellus3D library to the patient’s 3D face scan while they watch. This is just one feature that helps the patient visualize the different options for a treatment plan.

    What should the patient do during a Bellus3D scan?

    This scan is very easy for the patient. Typically, the patient just smiles like they normally would. Then when the dentist begins the scan, the patient slowly turns their head left then right.

    What does the patient have to do to prepare for the Bellus3D scan?

    Unlike other scans or X-rays where a patient may have to prepare in some way. The Bellus3D scan requires no preparation from the patient. They just show up.

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