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3Shape® technologies are changing the way dentists provide treatment and other services to their patients. Technological advancements enhance the services to help improve the results for patients. Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, is a prosthodontist who offers dental, cosmetic, maxillofacial prosthodontic services, and more to help enhance a patient’s smile.

If you are nervous about how a cosmetic dental procedure will affect your appearance, we can help. 3Shape is improving the way we are putting smiles on patients’ faces. To learn more about how 3Shape can get you excited about building the smile you have always wanted, call us at (281) 779-4022.

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    What is 3Shape?

    While traditional tools for improving smiles provide results, an effective and accurate smile enhancement requires a skilled dental professional, patient cooperation, and digital dentistry. Our team utilizes digital tools such as the state-of-the-art tools of 3Shape to help patients achieve the smile they desire. The team at Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, is a prosthodontist dedicated to providing the accurate results patients need. It is all about improving the experience, trust, and happiness of the patient.

    3Shape creates digital scanners, equipment and software for the dental industry. Their goal is to provide a more efficient way to do dentistry by helping dentists go digital. 3Shape aims to help dentists offer more options and better patient care.

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    Benefits to 3Shape

    Thanks to technology, such as 3Shape, dentists and patients can become true partners in their dental work more than ever before. The accuracy of this equipment makes it more likely for patients to agree to treatment because they can trust the results. The digital images can be sent electronically to the patients and any other parties involved in the patent’s dental work plan.

    Practitioners can collaborate on the same high-quality image without even being in the same room to speed up the planning, collaboration, and construction process. This efficiency can help make a significant difference in how quickly we complete a patient’s treatment. Working with 3Shape’s tools usually means fewer appointments, so patients do not need to take as much time off work for appointments.

    Possible Services with 3Shape Products

    3Shape offers the top of the line digital diagnostic, communication, and care planning services. Their goal is to help dental practices go digital every step of the way. Here are just a few examples of the technologies 3Shape offers:

    • CAD/CAM technology: For planning the treatment, designing the restoration, and tracking the patient’s progress.
    • 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners: A more accurate way to create a digital impression of the patient’s mouth.
    • Lab Scanners: Send and take accurate 3D scans for 3D printed models quickly at the office or at the lab.

    According to Dental Product Reports, 3Shape is a leader in high-quality images with products that allow the dentist to see exactly what the laboratory is going to see. Just one more reason why the team of Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, is excited to incorporate this technology into all aspects of the practice.

    Process of the 3Shape Smile Design

    The 3Shape smile design approach makes the patient a partner in designing their new smile. It is one of 3Shapes’s most exciting pieces of new technology. This allows our team to take a photo of the patient’s face and design their new smile in minutes.

    The photo goes to a touch screen monitor where the dentist can develop and instantly show it to the patient for input. This technology gives dentists the ability to share the results of the plan, allow the patient to approve it, and then the pictures can be sent directly to the lab.

    After the Initial Appointment

    Following the initial appointment, our team will work with patients every step of the way. 3Shape allows us to help give patients a clear map of what to expect next with their treatment. With the variety of applications that 3Shape offers dental professionals, patients will have the support they need to achieve their desired smile.

    In many cases, patients will be able to return to their daily routine without too much issue after most appointments. Depending on the treatment, patients may need to rest the same day or limit what they eat the first few days following treatment. Thanks to 3Shape technology, there is a much lower chance of needing to re-take images, recast molds, or other appointments that will slow down the treatment process.

    We can also schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the patient’s treatment is going well, and offer support when necessary. Let us help streamline your treatment with 3Shape today.

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    We look forward to answering all your questions on 3Shape technology. No matter what your dental issue, we are excited to apply this new technology to help. Call us at (281) 779- 4022 for more information or to make an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What areas of dentistry can 3Shape technology be used in?

    People are always surprised at its wide variety of uses. 3Shape technology is not just for those looking for a smile makeover. These tools are useful for orthodontics, restorative dentists, implant dentistry, and periodontics.

    What services does Eve Boldridge, DMD, PA, utilize 3Shape technology for?

    She uses the 3Shape high-technology equipment to help plan a patient’s smile design in minutes. The patient can watch their smile being designed right before their eyes. Patient input is welcome. After a smile design with 3Shape, patients tend to feel more comfortable, even excited about proceeding with the work.

    Will my insurance cover the cost of the use of this equipment?

    This can be a difficult question to answer. The answer is typically no, if the procedure is purely cosmetic. However, if the equipment is used for medically necessary purposes or dentistry aimed at restoring the function of the teeth, the answer may be different. One should always check with their insurance provider to see if the procedure is covered.

    Why are the 3Shape TRIOS scanners better than traditional methods?

    With the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners, there are no uncomfortable impressions that need to be taken and sometimes retaken. The device fits comfortably in the patient’s mouth, and it can take only about 5 minutes to scan a patient. The scans produced are in color as well.

    What has the 3Shape TRIOS scanner been used to design?

    The scans from TRIOS have been the first set in designing accurate fitting veneers. The scanned image is the first place where the dentist goes to draw an accurate picture of all the components that will go into the patient’s new and improved smile. The dentist can even share the photo of the new smile the patient is working toward via email or an app.

    How should I prepare for the use of digital dental tools like a 3Shape TRIOS scanner?

    While the technology may be different from what some people are used to at the dentist, the answer is still the same. If it is a typical dental appointment, brush and floss thoroughly. Then be sure to make a list of any questions you have for the dentist, such as any problem you have been having with your teeth.

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