Complex Facial Matters Treated by a Prosthodontist

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A prosthodontist is a dental specialist that focuses on complex matters that typically require intense amounts of work to correct. Typically, a prosthodontist treats dental mattershowever, their expertise does go beyond that of the teeth and gums. Instead, they also focus their efforts on the jaw and facial structure. Continue reading to find out more about the role of a prosthodontist and what type of complex matters they treat. 

A prosthodontist's role in complex facial matters

Below is a quick overview of what a prosthodontist can do for complex facial matters. Additionally, we highlight some of the most complex facial matters that prosthodontist's come across.

Jaw reconstruction

Jaw reconstruction is a big part of a prosthodontist's job. The jaw is a very complex part of the body as it is connected to the oral cavity, head, neck, and spine. Because of its complexity, the expertise of a prosthodontist is absolutely necessary. A deformed jaw or one that has become injured as a result of an accident or TMJ disorder symptoms will require treatment from a prosthodontist. Treatment may include the need to reconstruct the entire jaw. A prosthodontist may do this via different surgical procedures, headgear, or physical therapy. 

Oral reconstruction

One of the most common complex facial matters that a prosthodontist can manage and treat is oral reconstructions. When an injury to the mouth occurs, reconstruction may be required. In some cases, reconstruction may include a full arch replacement, which can be done via dental implants, dentures, or both. Other oral reconstructions may include grafting, single tooth replacement, or bite corrections. 

Of course, a prosthodontist may need to perform an oral reconstruction as a result of an injury. However, it may also be required due to genetics. Not everyone is blessed with a perfectly functioning oral cavity. Additionally, as people age, the oral structure can become more rigid and permanent, which is why a visit to the prosthodontist is recommended. The earlier that work is performed to correct abnormalities, the easier the healing process will be. 

Other facial matters

When conditions like TMJ disorders or bruxism are chronic, a prosthodontist can also be of help. Of course, these conditions are not considered "facial matters," but the symptoms that they produce can lead to facial problems, such as jaw pain, stiffness, oral cavity pain, and headaches. With the help of a prosthodontist, these conditions can be managed and treated to reduce discomfort or dysfunction. Long-term, treatment from a prosthodontist will help to avoid more complex facial matters. 

Talk to a prosthodontist today

When suffering from a complex facial or dental issue, the best thing to do is to consult with a prosthodontist. An evaluation can be performed in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Additionally, patients can ask questions and go over concerns. To find out more about what a prosthodontist can and will do, reach out today. Our team can also get you scheduled for a consultation appointment. 

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