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If you want to show off the best version of your smile, a same-day smile design is the first step. As a prosthodontist, our team in Houston, TX can help you feel good about your smile by enhancing various aspects of the teeth and more. By using the latest in digital technology, we can show you an accurate representation of your new and improved smile in just one appointment.

As a prosthodontist, Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, has helped many patients feel good about the way they look. We can help you get excited about your smile. To learn more about our same-day smile design or to make an appointment, call (281) 779-4022 today.

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    A Same-Day Smile Design Explained

    Designing a new smile is a process that can involve multiple appointments, taking impressions, and a trip to one or more specialists. While the traditional methods for enhancing a smile are an option, they can include multiple steps that the patient does not want to go through. Along with that, mistakes or room for error can result in increasing the length of time to complete the process. Thus, digital dentistry is a viable option to enhance the overall process.

    With state-of-the-art imaging technology available at our dental practice, there are fewer moving parts, no multiple appointments for planning, and, best of all, none of that unpleasant traditional impression taking. We can plan and present the patient with an accurate representation of what their smile will look like in just an appointment.

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    Procedures Planned in a Same-Day Smile Design

    Patients are often surprised by how many procedures we can plan in a same-day design. Here are just a few of the smile improvement procedures our team can plan in one day:

    • Dental veneers and dental laminates: a layer of material, typically porcelain, placed over teeth to improve their appearance
    • Dentures:artificial set of replacement teeth
    • Full Mouth Reconstruction: usually involving smile restoration to its more youthful condition
    • Smile makeovers: creating a plan that usually involves one or more cosmetic procedures aimed at improving the way a smile looks

    Benefits of a Same-Day Smile Design

    With Same-Day Smile Design, patients are happy with the lower number of appointments and less time they have to spend in the dentist’s chair. Digital equipment can be much more accurate and comfortable for the patient than traditional equipment. In the past, traditional smile designs could take multiple appointments for the planning phase.

    We can use digital dentistry tools to present the patient with an accurate result in just one appointment. By doing so, we strive to build more trust with our patients and help reduce doubt about the result of treatment. The fewer appointments save money and time for both patient and practitioner.

    The digital equipment available to our team is also more accurate than traditional equipment. It allows us to present a more accurate picture of the results a patient can expect from their treatment. Also, digital technology is fast, meaning the patient will have fewer and shorter appointments. This means the patient will not have to take as much time off work for treatment.

    The Process of a Same-Day Smile Design

    Our same-day smile process is made possible by the use of the latest in digital dental tools. Depending on the imaging needed to plan a patient’s new smile, we may use one or more digital technologies:

    Besides these technologies being more comfortable for the patient, they are informative as well. The patient is present while we plan their new smile and can see the result right at that first appointment.

    What comes next

    The patient will leave that first appointment with detailed knowledge of the result of their smile design. While our same-day smile design speeds up the process, the type and number of procedures will impact how long the dental work takes overall. For example, if the smile design involves veneers, the wait may only be a week or so before it is time to place the veneers during another appointment. With a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction that involves multiple procedures, especially those involving a dental implant, there will be more appointments and a longer time to completion.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

    Will my insurance cover a same-day smile design?

    Most dental insurance companies do not cover procedures that are purely cosmetic. However, if your smile design involves procedures that will restore the function of your teeth, the situation may be different. The best course of action is to check with your dental insurance provider.

    Will there be any discomfort involved?

    There should be little to no discomfort during your same-day smile design appointment. Digital technology makes this possible. As for the procedures, some are associated with more discomfort than others. However, our team takes every effort to make sure the process is as easy for the patient as possible.

    Am I a candidate for a same-day smile design?

    Almost everyone could benefit from a same-day smile design. However, this is not usually recommended for young children whose adult teeth have not erupted. As far as the procedures planned, not everyone is a candidate for all procedures. This is something the digital tools we have can quickly discover. We will discuss the possible options during the appointment.

    What does it feel like to have an inter oral scanner used in your mouth?

    Patients usually report it to be much better than the traditional putty impressions. Few can argue that it is more comfortable. Patients will spend less time in the dentist’s chair because the intraoral scanning process takes only minutes.

    Can a smile design work for me if I have missing teeth?

    A same-day smile design is beneficial and effective for patients who have missing teeth. In just one day, we can show you an accurate module of your mouth and show you what your options are for replacing teeth. The dentist will help you weigh the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed choice.

    How should I prepare for my same-day smile design appointment?

    This is not a traditional cleaning appointment, so thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before providing the client with an accurate representation of your teeth. Have a clear list written out of improvements you want and which take priority over others. Have another list of any questions you can think to ask. If you miss a question during the appointment, we are always available to answer them later.

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